Randhawa Phot Point Tarn taran is Local business in Tarn Taran provide Wedding Photography & Video Shoot services in Tarn Taran and all nearby areas. We have made a Beautifull Logo For Photography Business for exclusively Randhawa HD Photo Point. 
The Custom Logo design was made in 5 Steps: -
In the first step, we've made 10 Logo Prototypes & show to our client to get the choice criteria of our client.
When the client chooses one or two of them then we've created 5 to 10 designs that match the choice of our client.
Then we refine the design from the selected 1 to 3 logo designs from our client.
In this 4th step, we finalize the design and hand over the format of the logo which our client needs.
The 5th step is the registration process. We register the logo to our client and give the Govt. approved documents to our client.
So in this way we make the best logo designs for every business and help register them for the security of copyright. If you need the best and affordable logo design service with Govt. registration in Amritsar & Tarn Taran then MS Web Development Solutions are the best option for you.

Photography Logo

Client Name
: Randhawa HD Photo Point
: Visual identity
Start Date
: 27th January, 2020
End Date
: 10th February, 2020
: Completed